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Cover Story Communications is a boutique public relations, social media and design agency specializing in the promotion of home and lifestyle products.


The Cover Story blog is a place where our passions for the latest in home and lifestyle and media, social, and design trends mix and mingle. Join in for the party! 


4 Reasons to Start Blogging Now

Danielle Elderkin

Blogging has become one of the most powerful (and affordable) ways to increase your brand's visibility, reputation, and eventually, bottom line. Small business owners especially can harness the benefits of blogging alongside of their current marketing efforts. Here is the why and how on blogging for brands: 

1. Blogging is essential for SEO. 

The more concise, keyword-infused branded content you have online, the stronger your search ranking will be on giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. It is vital for sticking you above the competition and getting you on the map when consumers are looking for your product or service.  SEO can sounds daunting (meta tags, long-tail phrases, oh my!), but the simple act of blogging relevant, regularly published content will naturally boost your PageRank

2. Blogging grows subscriber lists and improves sentiment. 

Your email subscribers are more likely to be active consumers as well. Blogging gives them incentives to become subscribers and ultimately more reasons for them to become your customers. Posting fresh content and applying your product to your consumers actual lifestyle will prompt them to share on places like social media, directing new people to your site and increasing positive sentiment for your brand. 

We work on client Fiesta Dinnerware's blog. Recently, via the power of blogging, we showcased a new product that consumers were originally unsure about and showcased in a new light. The response garnered new subscribers and a more positive sentiment about the product. What if we never had the blog to paint the picture? 

3. Blogging allows you to better vocalize your brand's values and personality. 

The truth is there are most likely many companies who offer similar products and competitive prices as your brand. So what will set you apart? Blogging allows you to showcase your company's values, employees, behind-the-scenes fun and more. These can often make or break a sale.  

4.  Blogging establishes you as an expert in your industry. 

You are the expert of your field; blogging allows you to show off that knowledge in a valuable, helpful way for your customers and potential customers. For instance, if you are a local hair salon, you most likely know about the current Spring hair trends - that content will showcase your style and relevancy in your field. Consumers appreciate the free advice and are now in a place to trust your brand with their locks and dollars. 

We understand that as a small business your marketing resources can often be limited. We would love to outline a tangible strategy for you, or simply sit down and talk through opportunities for you business and blogging.