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Cover Story Communications is a boutique public relations, social media and design agency specializing in the promotion of home and lifestyle products.


The Cover Story blog is a place where our passions for the latest in home and lifestyle and media, social, and design trends mix and mingle. Join in for the party! 


11 Twitter Tips

Danielle Elderkin


Image- Your profile image should be a logo unless you are a personality or expert, in which case people want to know they are connecting with a real person.

Your Bio- It should be simple, explain what you or your brand offers and where to better reach the rest of your products or information.

Change Header Image- The header image could be an image of your products, achievements, a new product that may be launching, a quote or tagline that represents you or your brand. Change it up as often as monthly so long as the messaging is consistent.

Tweet Relevant- Make sure that you keep your tweets relevant to your personal brand or product. Of course it’s important to show your personality, but make sure that it makes sense. As an example, if you’re an apparel company you don’t need to be tweeting your brunch on Sundays.

Follow Suggestions- Follow other people in the industry that will help to elevate your brand. If there is an influencer, or publication that you look up to or is an important person in the industry, follow them and get to know them. This will make any future outreach easier as you will know what they have been up to. Who are the people or outlets, or brands that you want to notice you? Follow them and start interacting. You should have a list of at least 20 people that you would like to get to know and connect with via twitter.

Twitter Etiquette- Yes, there is such a thing! Make sure to tweet and thank every follower that follows you and make sure to retweet the people you follow. If you don’t interact, your followers won’t either. ALWAYS be engaged.

Retweet, Retweet, Retweet- Retweet influencers and or  journalists in the space that you would want to recognize you. Everyone appreciates it when others share their work and achievements, so why not pay it forward?

Tag- When relevant, tag an outlet/journalist/blogger in your tweet. This throws your tweet into their audience feed and increases the amount of people who may see your tweet.

Hashtags- Use hashtags when you have room. No more than two on this platform. Make sure they are relevant.

Follow Recommendations- Take some time to think about people you should be following.

Your Handle- Your twitter handle should tell people who you are. If you’re a brand, it should be your brand name, but if you’re a personality or expert, your brand is you. Let people know who you are instantly with your name as your handle. This makes it easier to market yourself or your brand.