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Cover Story Communications is a boutique public relations, social media and design agency specializing in the promotion of home and lifestyle products.


The Cover Story blog is a place where our passions for the latest in home and lifestyle and media, social, and design trends mix and mingle. Join in for the party! 


Blogs Every PR PRO Needs to Read

Danielle Elderkin

By Cristin Massey

Every PR pro knows she needs to stay ahead of the trends and have her head in the news and her feet on the pavement. So what should you do with that minimal “extra time” you so cherish? We vote read.

PR Daily: This may seem like a no-brainer, but in reality it’s a wonderful tool. I cannot tell you how many times I have read some last minute information that helped me in a pitch or allowed me to adapt a strategy from something that was posted on PR Daily. It’s always timely and relevant.

PR Couture: PR Couture is a refreshing blog that constantly has something new and information is entertaining to read. Though its focus in on Fashion PR, there are many relevant topics that can help anyone in the PR industry. Creator, Crosby also does profiles of fashion PR pros as well as other entrepreneurs in the industry.

Huffington Post: Do I really need to explain myself with this one? Huff Post has everything from food articles, to breaking news. On average I read an article from Huff Post about 10 times a day. This is a great outlet to go to if you want to know what is happening in the world, ASAP.

Mashable: Even if you don’t touch social or tech at all in your day-to-day for your clients, it’s extremely valuable to know what’s new in this niche. That’s why I turn to Mashable. I met with former Managing Editor, Emily Banks on a trip to NYC a couple years ago and was completely enthralled with their passion for technology and news and how they are navigating the changing waters of journalism through tecnhology.

NYC PR Girls: If you need a break but want to read something useful, that’s exactly what NYC PR Girls does on their blog. Their editorial voice is relaxed, fun and often humorous and content is relevant, but more so with the “how “to handle/deal/live in the world of public relations. Articles titled “ Confession: I love Procrastination” and “Keep Your Head During The Holidays” give you tips or remind you how to stop doing the bad habits we all acquire in this business.

Social PR Chat: This is a great site because it has really interesting articles relating to social media and public relations and how they are of course—merging. With lines blurring from PR, Social and Advertising, this outlet really runs the gamut on serving up great information and strategy on how to deal with all that. My most recent favorite article was about using Snapchat to create “15 second brand stories”.

Millennial Marketing: How many times a day do you hear the word Millennial, from either your boss, your client, or in business news? MM has relevant business and market information regarding Millennial’s and how they (we) are influencing the ever-changing market.

So next time you have a spare 5 minutes between calls, meetings and emails, give these outlets a gander.