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Cover Story Communications is a boutique public relations, social media and design agency specializing in the promotion of home and lifestyle products.


The Cover Story blog is a place where our passions for the latest in home and lifestyle and media, social, and design trends mix and mingle. Join in for the party! 


3 Holiday Social Media Tips

Danielle Elderkin


How will you resonate with consumers on social this holiday season? Newest team member and social media account manager Elena Zanone sheds some light on the subject using the "power of three." 


1. Give consumers the gift of honesty. Say what you mean, mean what you say in your social media efforts. Too often do I see brands misleading consumers with post copy, resulting in a horrific bounce back rate from their websites. People appreciate transparency as much as they appreciate a good, holiday discount. So tell users what they are clicking to: is it a blog post? Is it a promo code? Is it a holiday e card? Make it clear where you are driving to and keep consumers on your site/app/link longer.


2. Do Cyber Monday. Black Friday is great for major stores like Best Buy and Target, but Cyber Monday is where small businesses can thrive. Plus, its conducive to social by nature. I recommend creating a hashtag that speaks to your sale to make finding your goods easier than ever. From there, focus the sale on one social platform like Facebook, and use other platforms like Twitter and Instagram to cross-promote. This makes engagement easier and less confusing for your consumers, making your efforts more effective.


3. There is brilliance in simplicity. Invest in creating smart, festive, concise holiday imagery that your consumers will appreciate during the season and actually want to share.


Meet Elena on Twitter: @elenzanone