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Cover Story Communications is a boutique public relations, social media and design agency specializing in the promotion of home and lifestyle products.


The Cover Story blog is a place where our passions for the latest in home and lifestyle and media, social, and design trends mix and mingle. Join in for the party! 


Liberate Then Decorate

Danielle Elderkin

What if you could seamlessly (and chicly) prettify your favorite room with your favorite handpicked Instagram photos? Now what if you could easily switch those memories or images with different ones without even taking the frames off the wall? And what if you could do all that without the hassle of heavy hardware?

We found the simple answer to these “what ifs” in our new friends and clients at Fotobit.


Fotobit takes a techie approach to a traditional product, releasing the Instagram experience out of your smart phone and into daily life with sleek and simple-to-hang 4x4” frames. Adhering to the “power of three” in design, the interlocking frames come in sets of threes with everything you need to hang them, even including a tiny level. Cute, we know.

As for the prints? Who better to assist with this digital liberation than the good folks at SnapBox Printswhose coined tagline simply reads “Free Your Photos.”


In celebration of the newfound partnership, the design-savvy company pieced together a quick video to show you exactly how to use the frames with their art reproduction quality prints.

Our creative minds are busy thinking up all kinds of ways to use them. We can’t wait to see how your Instagram galleries come to life. Get started here.