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8 Tips to Make the Most of Your Business's Facebook Page

Danielle Elderkin

According to recent statistics from a workshop we attended, thrown by Facebook, the average consumer checks Facebook fourteen times a day and 20% of the total time they spend on their phones is spent on FB. It’s crucial you make the most of each and every post.

1. Use links

Using a link will do several things for you. It will shorten urls that you post so you won’t annoy your readers with too much text, save valuable character space and keep track of how many people are clicking to the content you are sharing. This is a great indicator of what content your audience enjoys and responds to.

For example, if you’re a swimming instructor, you could post a blog on How to Ease a Child’s Anxiety in the Pool. Check your stats to see if that article got a good click rate. Now you know whether or not this is information your audience cares about. So maybe that means you adjust messaging on your website or sales pitch. It can tell you a lot about your audience

Remember social media is one of the most amazing tools to help you understand your audience, so use it to your advantage.

*Click here to learn how to shorten a link using

2. Keep it short

The ideal length of a Facebook post is between 40 – 80 characters. Posts including a question are best at 100-119. We know it’s hard to be this minimalistic, but research shows these are the best lengths to get engagement.

3. Ask a Question

Research shows that if you ask questions in your posts, you'll get more engagement and action from users.

4. What’s the Goal?

When creating a FB post, always think about what you want your clients and potential clients to do with the information you are sharing. It may seem obvious, but the function of FB is much different when used for your business. You don't want to just share information without a purpose. Think about what you like or dislike from the brands you follow on FB and use that to your advantage.

5. Call to Action

Now that you have a goal in mind for your post, what will the call to action be? A call to action is giving your audience instructions on what you’d like them to do with the information you are sharing. Call to action statements can be anything from “Buy Now” or “Call to Make Your Appointment Today” or “Sign up for our Newsletter.”

Include a call to action when it matches up with your goals from the post. More often than not, you will want to include a call to action.

6. Images

Always, ALWAYS include an image. If and when possible, it’s best to insert a square image. It will fill up the space better in the post. Look for sites like Canva for simple resizing or image creation.

7. Video

We all love videos online. So it should be no surprise that video is a great interactive way for your audience to experience your brand for the first time. Currently, video is blowing up, specifically on Facebook with over 4 BILLION video views per day . Plus, over 75% of those videos are viewed on a smartphone, not a laptop, tablet or desktop.

Yes, we said 4 billion views per day!

Here’s a great article from Entrepreneur to get started with videos.

8. Bragging Rights

If your company recently had some publicity and was featured in a newspaper, magazine, tv, or blog, share that with your audience. This could be one of the most valuable posts you share on FB because publicity makes your business legitimate in the opinion of the consumer. It’s a third party endorsement of your brand.

This makes your audience view your business as desirable. It reassures them that you really are as great as you claim to be because someone of legitimacy – who has exposed hundreds of brands a day – says so. That’s the power of PR and it’s worth sharing with your audience.


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