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A Tribute To Our Mom's

Danielle Elderkin

The meaning of Mother's day changes as we get older. Gone are the days of it being about crafts made out of popsicle sticks or making her breakfast in bed. But the weight of just how much our moms mean to us intensifies with each passing year. Mother’s Day has become a day of deep reflection and sentimental gratitude for the women who raised us.

This year we wanted to share what our Moms mean to us.



If I had to use one word to describe my mom, it would be “family.” Family is and always has been the most important thing in her universe.

Mom has had various jobs, friends and hobbies, but nothing makes her as happy as being with her family. She’s devoted her entire life to my dad, grandpa, brother, sister, and me -- and now her grandkids.

My mom’s mom (my grandma) passed away when I was a baby, so my siblings and I never got a chance to know her. We get little glimpses of what she must have been like as my mom says to me, “Your grandma would be so happy to see that you’re so good at throwing parties” or to my kids, “Your great-grandma would love that you love Italian food.”

As I see my mom with her grandkids, I think about how lucky they are to see firsthand what my mom likes to do and they get to learn her quirky little sayings. Her love of card games is not lost on my little Hayden. And making a sweet treat together is the key to my Logan’s heart.

My brother, sister and I joke that it would be heaven on earth for our mom if we all lived on a commune together. A commune certainly isn’t happening anytime soon, but her passion for family has definitely carried over into my family being the center of my universe. That’s a gift she’s given me and for that, I’m eternally grateful. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!


My mother, my youngest Logan and myself.

My mother, my youngest Logan and myself.


The closer I get to having children of my own, my Mother becomes more and more of an amazing wonder to me. She is one of the kindest and sweetest humans I have ever met. Her heart and disposition constantly leaves me in awe, especially when I think that she has raised 3 daughters—we’re a spunky bunch!

One of my favorite memories of my mother is when she taught me how to do a cartwheel. I was 4 or five, it was summertime and it was magical. I looked at her in such amazement as she flipped on the lawn. Learning how to do a cartwheel at the time was my biggest goal in life and she did it with such ease and comfort. She became my hero forever that day.

As I write this, looking back on this memory, I now realize that she was teaching me more than just a basic gymnastic skill, she was teaching me patience, courage, love, playfulness and perseverance. Now that I’m an almost married woman, beginning to plan a family of my own, I realize that those values she instilled in me that day have always been what I strive for as a woman.

I’m beyond thankful that I have her as a mother. I will always cherish this memory and hope to have a child one day that dares to learn a cartwheel.

Thank you for being my Mom, you’re still my hero, I still look at you in awe and I still want to be like you when i grow up. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

My Mom and I snapping a quick picture after I chose my wedding dress.

My Mom and I snapping a quick picture after I chose my wedding dress.


My Mom, my sister Danielle and my brother, I'm the one in the white shirt! 

My Mom, my sister Danielle and my brother, I'm the one in the white shirt! 


My mom used to say that when she was younger all she wanted to be was a mom.  

She not only became a mom, but the best mom to myself, my sister and my brother. She loves to be the caregiver for everyone in our family. I have the happiest memories of my childhood. My Mom was always our biggest cheerleader for anything that we were interested in doing. She was and is always at her happiest when we are all together. She loves her grandkids so much and makes sure friends and family are always up-to-date with their accomplishments and cute little stories.

As I have become a mom, I often think "What would Mom do?" I hope that the friendship and relationship that I have with my mom will carry over to the bond that I have with my boys.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you!


Mom, me and my son enjoying the outdoors.

Mom, me and my son enjoying the outdoors.